How E-Rate Funding Is Enabling K-12 Schools to Expand Network Capabilities

The E-Rate program is helping K-12 schools bolster their networks and support digital learning.

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Students in a classroom with laptops

Securing Educational Institutions in the Digital Age

As digital tools become integral to modern learning, institutions must fortify their defenses.

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Child sitting at computer, teacher on computer screen

Remote Education: Prepping for the Long Game

Learn how educators and technology providers are preparing for the future of remote learning.

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Classroom full of children looking at computer monitors

The Connected Classroom: Why Technology is Fundamental to Education

From online resources, collaboration, 1:1 initiatives and more, technology is crucial for schools of any size. Here’s how to build a solid foundation amid tight budgets and lean IT staffs.

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Digital Transformation 2.0: The Next Phase for Education

The next phase of digital transformation in education promotes greater personalized learning and builds new school efficiencies.

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How IoT is Impacting Digital Transformation 2.0 in Education

The Internet of Things is transforming education, offering personalized learning to students and greater insights to teachers and administrators.

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[Infographic] Trends in Education

As student-teacher ratios rise, educators who integrate coding, robotics, and augmented or virtual reality can personalize their classrooms and keep hands-on collaborative learning alive.

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Technology to Transform Your Business

From retail to education, these organizations are rethinking outdated systems and are embracing the new standard in technology to transform their businesses.

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The Impact of E-Rate on Digital Classrooms

Digital learning is the future, which is why school districts are investing in it.

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Reality or Virtual Reality? How VR is Changing the Educational Experience

Schools must ensure their networks are robust enough to handle the increased traffic and bandwidth demands of virtual reality technologies.

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04_27_VR Education Infographic

[Infographic] Get Schooled: Virtual Reality in Education

Realizing the promise of virtual reality is dependent on the network, which must provide a seamless, genuinely immersive experience to the user.

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Florida Atlantic University Connects Researchers to Resources with Comcast Business

Comcast Business enabled cross-campus research and collaboration for FAU students and faculty.

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education graphic

5 Trends Impacting the Education Sector

Education today has advanced far beyond the traditional “stand and deliver” pedagogy of years past.

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Education 2.0: Enabling, and Supporting, Digital Transformation

Technology is changing the education experience, to the benefit of all.

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Partnership can Increase Success in Solving Digital Equity

When it comes to internet access, there shouldn’t be a disparity across school districts.

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Technology in Education: Elevating the Learning Experience

Technology is changing the way teachers teach and students learn. The evolution of the connected classroom has tremendous implications for the future of education.

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Building a Bridge Over the Equity Gap

Schools nationwide implement creative and cost-saving solutions to increase internet access for students.

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[Infographic]: 5 Technologies That Could Have a Profound Impact on Education

Learn how to facilitate a technology-driven educational experience for students and educators.

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[Infographic] Stay Connected in the Digital Classroom

How can K-12 schools make the leap into the digital world?

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two children looking at a computer monitor, yellow-green tint over entire image

Ethernet: Paving a Path to Higher Learning

How educational environments are going digital—and how to best support them.

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