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Comcast Business is committed to keeping you and your business connected to the technology and information you need to respond in times of rapid change. Join Comcast Business leaders and industry experts in a series of webinars that explore how businesses are adapting to unprecedented challenges.

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Strengthening Your Telehealth Program to Respond to COVID-19 Demand

COVID-19 has transformed telehealth from a point of convenience to a tool of necessity. Healthcare organizations have been forced to rapidly scale up virtual visits, remote patient monitoring and other telehealth services as patients are unable or unwilling to visit brick-and-mortar locations. This has put unprecedented stress on healthcare networks, stretching their capacity like never before, and it is likely the new normal. During this webinar, industry experts will discuss how hospital technology networks are coping and their predictions for the future, including insights from NewYork—Presbyterian Hospital and its NYP OnDemand digital health program.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Hear how NewYork—Presbyterian Hospital is using telehealth responding to the coronavirus crisis
  • Gain best practices for strengthening your telehealth program
  • Learn how to overcome challenges related to the surge in demand for telehealth services

Peter Fleischut, MD, SVP and Chief Transformation Officer, NewYork—Presbyterian Hospital
Carina Edwards, CEO, Quil

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Financial Services Embrace Change in the New Normal

As recovery across the financial services sector begins to take root, it’s clear that customer preferences are driving fast-tracked digital transformation plans across the industry. As FinTech: The Future Post CV-19, a recent report from Finch Capital, notes, digital-only is becoming “the new industry norm in financial services, greatly accelerating a trend which started in the last decade.”

Join us for “Financial Services Embrace Change in the New Normal,” a webinar from Comcast Business. Our panelists discuss the impacts of digital transformation on the sector, including: FinTech investment strategies to meet new customer-engagement needs; how AI, IoT, and software solutions are enabling automation in customer support, account-opening procedures, loan automation, and more; and the ways in which infrastructure and networks are shifting to meet new demands.

Larry K. Williams, President & CEO, Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)
Ian Stuttard, Head of Product & Innovation, North America, Elavon, Inc.

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Technology for Supply Chain Disruption Rebound

Covid-19 has had a range of impacts on the supply chain, including on logistics, inventory, technology infrastructure, and other operational aspects. While many U.S. companies are dealing with supply chain challenges now, “they need to prepare for the recovery that will surely arrive in the not-too-distant future,” notes Professor David Simchi-Levi, in a recent MIT Sloan Management Review article.

Join us for “Technology for Supply Chain Disruption Rebound,” a webinar from Comcast Business. Our panelists discuss the ways in which supply chains must change to meet reshaped demand; the need for total transparency in staying ahead of supply chain issues; logistics and inventory technologies geared to disruption; how the right infrastructure and network support these technologies; shifts in supply chain positioning and technology for the long term; and more.

Randy V. Bradley, PhD, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee
Simon Ellis, Program Vice President, Supply Chain Strategies, IDC Manufacturing Insights

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Rebuilding Hospitality through Technology and Innovation

The recent health crisis has resulted in changes to the hospitality business that have operators looking at new and innovative ways to leverage technology to not only protect guests and staff, but to continue to improve the guest experience. New technologies will focus on and encompass the need for enhanced cleaning protocols; shifts in lobby densities; distancing sensors; touchless/contactless check-in and other functions; the potential presence of on-property medical staff and their associated equipment; and more.

Join us for “Rebuilding Hospitality through Technology and Innovation,” a webinar from Comcast Business and Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG). Our panelists explore the existing and anticipated protocols being driven by the “new normal” in hospitality; the wide range of related technologies that are already, or will soon be, put into play; the infrastructure and network needs that support them; and more.

Michael Blake, CEO, Hospitality Technology Next Generation
Matthew FitzGerald, Senior Director of Technologies, Deep Blue Communications

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The Government Is Leaning into Business Relief

The U.S. Small Business Administration launched the $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a business loan program enacted under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Designed to serve small businesses with 500 or fewer employees, along with the self-employed, sole proprietors, and freelance and gig workers, the PPP is meant to provide immediate relief to small businesses through low-interest loans for payroll and overhead expenses, with the possibility of loan forgiveness. This webinar explores the facts on PPP: eligibility requirements, considerations for whether PPP is right for your business, along with other government programs designed to help keep your business running under these difficult circumstances.

Jai Massari, Partner, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP
John Banes, Partner, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

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Connectivity and Resilience: How Technology is Supporting Business Continuity

As organizations grapple with the human, business, and technology repercussions of the COVID-19 crisis, connectivity and network resiliency are playing a central role in business continuity efforts. A major shift to remote working and digital commerce is altering application and network traffic prioritization, putting new demands on enterprise infrastructure, and accelerating the adoption of virtual workplace capabilities. This panel discussion explores some of the business continuity challenges organizations are facing and offers observations on the supporting role connectivity and network resilience is playing.

Bob Victor, SVP, Product Management
Noam Raffaelli, SVP, Network & Communications Engineering
Jeff Lewis, VP Data Product Management, Strategic Planning & Development

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Education and COVID-19: Remote Learning Tech Solutions

COVID-19 has disrupted life and business on a global scale and the education sector, in particular, has been deeply impacted. In fact, a March 2020 report by the United Nations indicates that some 300 million school children worldwide have been unable to continue with school as a result of the outbreak. The solution many schools are turning to is remote learning. While some districts are well-prepared for the shift, many find themselves without the needed technology to enable remote learning at all. This panel discussion explores the current state of remote learning, the technology needs for educators, how the ramp-up has gone thus far, and how networks and technologies will shift going forward.


Lenny Schad, Chief Information & Innovation Officer - District Administration
Nelson Ortiz, Executive Director National Sales Engineering at Comcast Business.

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Keeping Cybercriminals at Bay—and Protecting Your Business—During a Crisis

Cybercriminals love a crisis. Amid the COVID-19 outbreaks, companies are even more vulnerable than usual to cyberattacks. As more business owners move operations completely online and larger organizations are directing employees to work from home, remote work means a rise in the number of devices employees are using and an increase in the use of online conferencing tools, letting hackers cast a much wider net in which to snare potential targets. Watch this webinar to learn how cybercriminals are targeting businesses, what new challenges the COVID-19 crisis presents, an overview of common threat types, and steps companies are taking to mitigate cybersecurity risks during workplace and business disruption. 

Shena Seneca Tharnish, Vice President, Cybersecurity Products, Comcast Business
Noopur Davis, EVP, Chief Prod. & Info Security Officer

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Restaurants Leverage Tech to Battle Disruption

As COVID-19 has spread across the world, the restaurant industry suffered a seismic impact. By March 18, statistics from Yelp showed that daily restaurant connections were down 54 percent overall. But restauranteurs are, at their core, entrepreneurs. They swiftly implemented a range of innovative solutions—like dedicated apps for online ordering and portable point-of-sale tools—many of which capitalized on the latest technology innovations.

Join celebrity chef and restaurant owner Robert Irvine and Clay Johnson, YUM! Brands Chief Digital and Technology Officer as they discuss solutions restaurants are currently employing to continue serving customers, the technology that supports new delivery and supply options, and what the long-term impacts on the industry might be.

Robert Irvine, Celebrity Chef and Owner/Founder, Robert Irvine Foods
Clay Johnson, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, YUM! Brands

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Steering Your Brand Through Crisis

In every crisis, there are decisions and actions that can make or break any brand. Fortune favors the prepared, agile, and decisive – true in good times, even more so in trying ones. Brand actions matter and brands will be rewarded, or not, based on how they were perceived during difficult times. This panel discussion examines the three phases of managing your brand through a crisis: at its inception, as it grows and peaks, and, finally, as your brand emerges from the disruption.

Lou Aversano, Global Chief Client Officer, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide; and
Susan Machtiger, Executive Partner, Ogilvy Consulting

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Inc. & U.S. Chamber of Commerce National Small Business Town Halls

Inc. and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have teamed up for a series of virtual National Small Business Town Halls to help small business owners get necessary information to navigate important government programs and to keep their businesses running during this unprecedented time.

Join Inc. and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for this urgent conversation to help guide business owners through the resources available to them.

National Small Business Town Hall #5

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National Small Business Town Hall #6

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National Small Business Town Hall #7

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