Technology for Supply Chain Disruption Rebound

Covid-19 has had a range of impacts on the supply chain, including on logistics, inventory, technology infrastructure, and other operational aspects. While many U.S. companies are dealing with supply chain challenges now, “they need to prepare for the recovery that will surely arrive in the not-too-distant future,” notes Professor David Simchi-Levi, in a recent MIT Sloan Management Review article.

In “Technology for Supply Chain Disruption Rebound,” a webinar from Comcast Business, our panelists discuss the ways in which supply chains must change to meet reshaped demand; the need for total transparency in staying ahead of supply chain issues; logistics and inventory technologies geared to disruption; how the right infrastructure and network support these technologies; shifts in supply chain positioning and technology for the long term; and more.

Randy V. Bradley, PhD, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee
Simon Ellis, Program Vice President, Supply Chain Strategies, IDC Manufacturing Insights

Supply chain challenges are happening now, but they must continue to change to meet reshaped demand.

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