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Layers and latency: Configuring your network for best performance

New networking generations, and the frequent revolutions in broadband performance, are always stated in terms of bandwidth. But raw throughput is not the whole story of network performance.

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The impact of the cloud on your network

The impact of the cloud on your network, part 1: Infrastructure

The cloud has been on the agenda for some years now, so much so that even the government has gotten in on the act with its G-Cloud initiative. Web services are rapidly moving over to become virtual applications running on flexible cloud-based systems.

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The Business Benefits of WiFi

WiFi has evolved from a “nice-to-have” to a critical investment for businesses of all kinds. Businesses that offer WiFi access to visitors are seeing higher sales and customer satisfaction, while WiFi at the business drives employee productivity and collaboration.

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The "Why" Behind WiFi: How Deploying WiFi is Good for Business

WiFi capability is everywhere. Built into practically every laptop, tablet and smartphone, it offers a convenient, inexpensive way to stay connected and productive from any location from a small coffee shop to a large airport.

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JP Licks storefront

Boston’s JP Licks Serves up WiFi Access Along With Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee

Creating a positive, friendly atmosphere has always been at the core of JP Licks’ corporate culture, and with wait times on the rise, the ice cream parlor decided to offer free WiFi to provide a reason for patrons to stick around.

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