Child sitting at computer, teacher on computer screen

Remote Education: Prepping for the Long Game

Learn how educators and technology providers are preparing for the future of remote learning.

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Using Network and WiFi Analytics to Help with Workplace Safety

Leverage tech to address new challenges as businesses consider transitioning to working back on-site.

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Woman working on laptop.

4 Questions to Ask Before You Start an Online Business

If you hand this plan to someone else, they should be able to understand exactly what your vision is and how you will achieve it

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How Technology Can Create Peace of Mind for Small Businesses

Technology is creating new ways for small business owners to get peace of mind from anywhere.

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Close up of person working on tablet and laptop.

Should I Consider SD-WAN for My Business?

Does your business have multiple locations, remote sites, or a network of branch offices?

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Always-on Connectivity for Always-on, Digitally Savvy Small Business Owners

No matter the industry, small business owners know it better than anyone that connectivity - anywhere and anytime - is paramount. Learn how to make the most of your digital solutions.

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Man on tablet in workshop.

Running a Small Business and Not Tech Savvy? Here’s What You Can Outsource

Your small business likely launched with a grand idea and a passion for pursuing it.

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Woman on phone and computer in office.

How to Keep Your Business Locations Connected to Each Other

Think about any major retail chain you might frequent. These companies have multiple locations stretched across a vast geographic footprint

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Ebook: Business Strategies for Small Business Productivity

With the right productivity tools, businesses can take the time to focus on growth and strategy.

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baseball stadium with fireworks

Creating the Ultimate Fan Experience

Technology and analytics are maximizing the fan experience on every level. Join our expert panel to learn how the Atlanta Braves are leveraging WiFi and analytics at Battery Atlanta to enhance operations and create the ultimate fan experience.

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Chart - Technology that drives booking decisions

Study finds WiFi is Top Technology Influencing Consumer Dining & Lodging Choices

Results from the "2019 Annual Customer Engagement Technology Study" point to WiFi as being the top technology influencing consumer decisions in hospitality. This article breaks down the annual report from Hospitality Technology magazine, exploring consumer expectations and how they are driving the digitization of the hospitality industry.

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Man on cell phone with laptop in hotel lobby

Why Advanced Network Tech is Key to Winning the “Loyalty Battle” in Hospitality

The editors of Hospitality Technology magazine interview Comcast Business’ Donna Cobb to discuss the rapidly evolving consumer expectations in the hospitality space and why hospitality providers must keep pace with the right technology foundation.

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Classroom full of children looking at computer monitors

The Connected Classroom: Why Technology is Fundamental to Education

From online resources, collaboration, 1:1 initiatives and more, technology is crucial for schools of any size. Here’s how to build a solid foundation amid tight budgets and lean IT staffs.

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Woman shopping on laptop

Reducing Business Friction to Deliver Better Experiences

Across all industries, friction of any kind can make the difference between repeat customers and lost revenue opportunities for businesses. Learn about the impact of business friction, and how businesses can avoid friction with the right network infrastructure.

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Baseball stadium with city skyline.

Connected Venues Meet Sports Fan Demand for Immersive Experiences

Today's sports fans expect a truly immersive and connected experiences, which requires venues to support with reliable, high-capacity networks

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man looking out hotel room window

Keeping Pace in Hospitality Means Delivering Technology that Makes Guests Feel at Home

To keep pace with consumer expectations and increase loyalty and revenue, the hospitality industry will need to offer a host of technology-enabled experiences, from high-quality in-room entertainment and guest service mobile apps to voice capabilities and personalization. Enabling these next generation hospitality experiences will require hotels to have the foundational technology in place, including wide-area connectivity, robust wireless service, back-office integration, and overall network security.

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Connecting the digital dots cover slide

Connecting the Digital Dots of the Hotel Customer Experience

An end-to-end network infrastructure and management tools let hotels provide memorable digital guest experiences and operate seamlessly and efficiently, today and tomorrow.

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Receptionist helping woman on tablet.

Hospitality: The Many Dimensions of Connectivity

Connecting the digital dots in your hotel properties means having the right network, the fastest speeds and always-on connectivity to give your guests what they expect with no lags or limitations to their family back home, to their work, and whatever else matters to them. It also means you can do all of this while keeping your operations moving without any interruptions and with smart insights at a glance.

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Man and woman on phones eating food.

Technology Standards Increase Brand Loyalty: Lessons for QSR and Hospitality Franchise...

Franchisees cannot deliver consistent customer experiences across their brands with antiquated or disparate network technologies.

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The IT Innovator’s Guide to Digital Transformation 2.0 in Quick-Service Restaurants

Quick-service restaurants invest in technology to increase operational efficiencies and improve customer experiences, fueling more growth for the industry.

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