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Building a Better Banking Experience

The financial industry is facing unprecedented market disruption.

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Connectivity Drives Hospitality Innovation and Success

The hospitality industry has embraced leading-edge technologies to better serve its guests and react to changing market conditions.

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With Ambitious Digital Learning Plans and New Requirements, Schools Require Greater Ne...

Schools and universities are venturing into areas that require more bandwidth and more reach than ever before.

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Setting the Table for Success: Technology Planning for the Restaurant Industry

Technology is changing the face of the restaurant industry and becoming an integral part of the way owners do business.

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Leverage WiFi to Grow Your Business

Customers have come to expect free wireless service from companies they do business with - don't put yourself at a competitive disadvantage.

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[Infographic] Connect the Dots to a Wi-Fi Windfall

Many companies are not unlocking their full potential of business Wi-Fi.

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WiFi Analytics: How It Helps Target a Customer Base

There’s a wealth of valuable consumer information readily available for retailers who install WiFi networks with sophisticated data capture and analytics capabilities.

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5 Ways to Reap Wi-Fi Rewards

Tough challenges remain for decision makers who want to exploit the benefits of Wi-Fi without seeing their companies simultaneously exploited by cyber thieves.

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How an Expanded Internet Will Strengthen the Knowledge Economy

Today, only one-third of the world can access the Internet, meaning that a knowledge gap between the connected and the not connected threatens to further divide us.

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Working From Home and On the Road

Technology makes it easier to be productive without being in the office, and working remotely has become routine for many employees. We wanted to know how prevalent it is today.

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Wi-Fi is better than candy

Wi-Fi is better than candy

A recent Comcast Business survey of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) on LinkedIn found that the overwhelming majority, 79 percent, offer free Wi-Fi for their customers.

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The Connected Traveler: What Your Hotel Needs to Know

Hotels and the travelers who frequent them bear little resemblance to their counterparts from just a few years ago. The explosion of new technologies has allowed hotels to change the way they operate and has made the average traveler more tech-savvy and connected than ever.

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Do You Have Adequate Wireless Carrier Arrangements?

With the increasing incidence of companies operating with distributed teams working from remote locations or in the field, your “network” is seemingly without geographic boundaries.

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5 tips for conducting a technology checkup

Many smart and forward-thinking companies, particularly small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs), will conduct a technology checkup as a means to increase their productivity and competitiveness.

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Mobility is Changing the Way Customers Dine Out [Infographic]

Check out these statistics to see how restaurants are approaching the changing needs of their customers.

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Three Reasons Hotel Bandwidth is More Affordable Than You Think

Travelers are highly mobile and “always on” when it comes to connectivity. Today’s in-room entertainment is more than just a fancy TV with premium channels. Guests bring their entertainment with them—on smartphones, tablets and laptops—to stream movies, videos and games over a hotel’s Wi-Fi network.

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Stuck at the Airport due to Weather? Head to Hotels with High-performance Internet

With the series of winter storms that have swept through much of the Northeast and Midwest over the past two months, thousands of flights and countless numbers of business and leisure travelers have been stranded or delayed in many cities around the country.

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Technology Trends to Boost Your Restaurant’s Success

Here are four technology trends that restaurants and bars should be exploring today.

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Migrating your application to the cloud

There are broadly four approaches for cloud migration that have been taken effectively by vendors, which is normally alongside their existing on-premise business.

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How free Wi-Fi makes people happy – and more productive

Staying “up to date” with customers in small business waiting rooms now means much more than rotating out past issues of magazines. A recent survey by Bredin Research showed that providing free Wi-Fi goes much further than offering reading materials, candy or water.

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Five ways Wi-Fi builds a better business: Keep your customers and employees happy

Not much is better than chocolate, but when it comes to creating a workplace environment that sets employees up for success and makes patrons feel welcome, there is one clear winner: Wi-Fi.

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The network admin’s dilemma: Balancing security and productivity in the age of BYOD

Managing a corporate network, with the myriad of attached devices and Internet-facing facets is a daily compromise. It’s a delicate balancing act between legitimate access and opportunity for malicious exploit. Unfortunately finding that balance is only going to get harder.

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The perils of BYOD: Security implications and how to combat them

The mobile revolution has had wide-reaching effects on how businesses operate. But one of the most complex developments for those in charge of a company’s IT provisions is the growing popularity amongst employees of using their own kit, which has come to be known as bring your own device (BYOD).

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