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Build vs. Buy: 5 questions to ask about your cloud infrastructure

You’re a growing enterprise, and you are moving to the cloud. Sure, there are still questions around what applications and how aggressively you make the move, but the decision has already been made.

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5 tips for conducting a technology checkup

Many smart and forward-thinking companies, particularly small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs), will conduct a technology checkup as a means to increase their productivity and competitiveness.

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Ethernet: the power behind IT service delivery

Ethernet has been around for 40 years, and in that time has become the dominant networking technology for organizations around the world. Ethernet reliably and securely links computers, servers, storage, and other devices while minimizing the latency that doesn’t just slow down data, but can slow down business, as well.

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Ethernet WAN: The new private cloud accelerator

The cloud has been one of the enablers of the Web 2.0 revolution. When web pages became more like applications around the turn of the millennium, keeping data remotely rather than locally became a much more viable option, at least in terms of the ease with which it could be accessed.

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From Private to Multi to Hybrid Cloud in the Enterprise – What, Why and How

There’s no doubt that cloud computing is an important component of enterprise IT environments. But with so many different types of clouds – and lots of different ways of talking about them – it can be confusing. My colleague, James Kelly, wrote up the following article that dives deep into the subject and provides insights to help organizations plan for hybrid cloud.

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Technology Trends to Boost Your Restaurant’s Success

Here are four technology trends that restaurants and bars should be exploring today.

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The network: Your pathway to productivity

In business, success flows from ideas and innovation. But it also requires the means to execute new plans efficiently, effectively, and rapidly. Do that, and you won’t just satisfy customers and develop deeper, stronger relationships. You’ll do it better, and sooner, than the competition.

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Virtually everything: How the physical world is being consumed by software services

Marc Andreesen famously said in 2011 that “software is eating the world.” I believe that’s only the case because of underlying changes to the hardware that’s facilitated it.

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Everything you wanted to know about the cloud … but were afraid to ask

Intimidated by the words “cloud computing”? You shouldn’t be. While the “cloud” might instill fear in some, for a growing number of companies it means increased operational efficiency and significant cost savings.

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Empowering your cloud with the Ethernet WAN

The cloud has been one of the most popular buzzwords in computing for some time now, and it’s one that has plenty of reason to deserve the attention it has been getting.

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Ensuring Business Continuity with Ethernet

Is Ethernet the new wide area network?

Connecting your office networks used to involve choosing between a host of different packet-switching and frame-based technologies that could take data over much longer distances than the internal Ethernet system was capable of.

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Beyond the city limits: How Ethernet is exceeding the Metro boundary

Ethernet used to just be the technology for the local area network. Once you reached the boundaries of a particular building, a different technology would need to be employed for connections between distant buildings and to the outside world in general.

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Why your network might be a secret killjoy for exciting new applications

Why your network might be a secret killjoy for exciting new applications

The ubiquity of the Internet has allowed the development of a whole bevy of exciting new possibilities. An application can be pulling information across from many different locations and combining it to produce a service that would not have been possible a decade or two ago, or even quite recently.

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The impact of the cloud on your network

The impact of the cloud on your network, part 2: Security

In our previous feature in this series, we looked at the network infrastructure implications of adopting cloud-based services for your company. But there are more issues than just whether the bandwidth and latency levels on your network are up to the job.

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The impact of the cloud on your network

The impact of the cloud on your network, part 1: Infrastructure

The cloud has been on the agenda for some years now, so much so that even the government has gotten in on the act with its G-Cloud initiative. Web services are rapidly moving over to become virtual applications running on flexible cloud-based systems.

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Bandwidth trends: Why speed is important today, tomorrow and beyond

The need for faster network speeds (referred to as “bandwidth”) has been growing so quickly that these speeds are now doubling every three years – a staggering statistic we see with our own business customers.

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Why the Network Matters in Government

Networks enable new video services. Public officials in the city of Atlanta recently received another reminder about why a reliable and high-performing network infrastructure is essential to their goal to continuously improve how they deliver services to constituents and employees.

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Core Benefits of Cloud

As with any business technology, cloud computing comes with pros and cons, benefits and risks. That said, any risk that does exist in the cloud tends to be greater in traditional IT infrastructures. And the benefits far outstrip those found in traditional IT settings.

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Which Cloud Functions Work for Your Business?

Should your business move all its IT functions to the cloud, or does it make sense to keep some things in-house? If the latter, how do you know which to migrate to the cloud and which to retain? As might be expected, there are no single, right answers to any of those questions.

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Keep your Software Out of your Restaurant and in the Cloud

Today, many of the technology solutions you need to run your restaurant or bar are available in the cloud. This means, as an owner, you can simply log onto a website to access the software, and not have to worry about keeping a server on site.

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