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Securing Your Cloud

Securing your data and applications in the cloud is effectively an extension of the security in your own data center.

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Technology in Education: Elevating the Learning Experience

Technology is changing the way teachers teach and students learn. The evolution of the connected classroom has tremendous implications for the future of education.

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Much More Than Just a Number

How data analytics, the cloud and high-capacity networks are improving population health.

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Cloud Concerns They Are A-Changin’

Not too long ago, the biggest worry about cloud computing was whether data would be readily accessible. But network improvements have pushed performance and reliability down the ranks of cloud worries. Security and compliance now reign.

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New Technologies Help Retailers Improve the Customer Experience

To meet evolving customer expectations, retailers are striving to create new and personalized shopping experiences.

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The Changing Cloud Computing Climate

A new IDG survey reveals a subtle but perceptible shift in how enterprises’ attitude toward the cloud is changing.

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How’s Your Bandwidth? Getting the Network Ready for Cloud Computing

Cloud services are transformative, but to reap the benefits, specific prep work is necessary to make your network cloud-ready.

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[Infographic] Pop Health Initiatives Require Powerful Patient-to-Provider Connections

Population health initiatives are lowering healthcare costs and improving quality. But how do population health goals impact hospital initiatives?

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Big Data, Little Traffic: Is Tech Our Pass to the Fast Lane?

Urban planners are seeking high-tech solutions to ease today's traffic flow and prevent tomorrow's gridlock.

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Placing the Customer at the Center with Digitization

The notion the customer is king is nothing new, but organizations are taking this business maxim to new levels.

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Marketing Automation

Choose Your Marketing Automation Platform Wisely

The internet and cloud computing have transformed every business function, and marketing is no exception.

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Grow with Ease: How to Build an Adaptable Tech Environment

Grow with Ease: How to Build an Adaptable Tech Environment

What should you do to make your company more agile in a fast-paced environment?

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Voice and Communication: Productivity Boosts

Bringing unified communications to smartphones has kicked off a new wave of productivity, both for employees and IT. Here’s how enterprises can benefit.

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Voice for Millennials: The Mobile Convergence

So-called “digital natives” – the millennial generation – are accustomed to using their mobile devices for everyday life activities.

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Voice and Innovation: The Key Enablers

IT has encountered challenges when trying to deploy corporate apps on personal smartphones, but new innovations are making it easier than ever before.

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10 ways to convince your CFO that it's time for the cloud

95 percent of companies are now using some form of cloud service.

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Cloud Architecture Adoption for UC Service Providers in a Competitive Environment

Cloud architectures enable rapid service delivery with a cost efficient use of resources.

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Put Your Money Where Your Network Is

Put Your Money Where Your Network Is

Regardless of size or sector, companies increasingly see a return on their IT investment.

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Are Your Remote offices branch offices ready to grow with your business

Are Your Remote Offices/Branch Offices Ready to Grow With Your Business?

The remote offices and branch offices of today’s distributed enterprise are a far cry from what they were in the past.

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Dispelling The Myth Around Voice Services

An IDG Research Services survey dispels the notion that voice capabilities can’t stand up to digital transformation.

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Direct Connect to the Cloud: When Nothing Less Than 100% Will Do

There is no question that cloud-based services offer tremendous resources and benefits.

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The “Must Have” Infrastructure Behind IoT Success

The IoT is going to transform how organizations succeed in the future.

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What State-of-the-Art Voice Brings: The Path to Transformation

What are some of the key payoffs of better voice services?

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19 "Move to the Top of Your Queue" Network Improvement Tips

Are there network improvements CIOs should consider adopting right now?

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