Tigerlabs Delivers Roaring Fast Network Services for Member Companies with Comcast Bus...

Tigerlabs is a Princeton, New Jersey coworking community that provides business spaces and services to more than 100 members from a diverse set of companies.

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Controlling the UC Outcome

The UC outcome is dependent on the communications ecosystem and how well it is managed.

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Voice and Communication: Productivity Boosts

Bringing unified communications to smartphones has kicked off a new wave of productivity, both for employees and IT. Here’s how enterprises can benefit.

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Voice for Millennials: The Mobile Convergence

So-called “digital natives” – the millennial generation – are accustomed to using their mobile devices for everyday life activities.

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Voice and Innovation: The Key Enablers

IT has encountered challenges when trying to deploy corporate apps on personal smartphones, but new innovations are making it easier than ever before.

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Dispelling The Myth Around Voice Services

An IDG Research Services survey dispels the notion that voice capabilities can’t stand up to digital transformation.

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4 Factors to Consider When Embracing Voice Mobility

Mobility empowers employees to be more productive.

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The State of Communications Services in Commercial Real Estate

The location of its building is one of the most important decisions that a business can make.

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What State-of-the-Art Voice Brings: The Path to Transformation

What are some of the key payoffs of better voice services?

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[Infographic] Strengthening Connections Between Patients and Providers

Advances in voice technology offer new, innovative tools for patient care.

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Making the Right Call

How healthcare providers are using next-generation voice to improve quality of care.

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The Voice Conundrum: Getting up to Speed with Digital Transformation

Most enterprise users aren’t seeing maximum flexibility in their voice system.

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Cloud Communications - Security Objections Debunked

Cloud Communications - Security Objections Debunked

A 2015 study found nearly half of IT decision makers admit they are “very or extremely anxious” about the security implications of cloud services.

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Taking the Lead in Unified Communications by Taking to the Cloud

Cloud neutralizes the increased costs and complexities related to PBX-based UC service delivery.

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WhatsApp OTT Voice – Still a Long Way to Go?

WhatsApp is a great messaging app but its voice capability leaves much to be desired.

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A Case for Cloud in Today’s Communications Environment

Cloud adoption is increasing among companies with a need for highly distributed communications and business flexibility.

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A Perfect Mix: How a Multi-Solution Approach Can Ease the Transition to Next-Generatio...

By adopting a mixed approach to phone service,
today’s enterprises can enjoy the advantages of next- generation voice.

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A Perfect Mix: How a Multi-Solution Approach Can Ease the Transition to Next-Generatio...

Enterprises have a wide range
 of choices when it comes to advanced, IP-based
phone service.

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A Perfect Mix: How a Multi-Solution Approach Can Ease the Transition to Next-Generatio...

With cutting-edge solutions, businesses can be more agile, increase their customers’ satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge.

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Is Cloud UC Right for Your Business?

Cloud UC is more flexible, efficient and affordable.

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5 Reasons You Should Consider SIP Trunking

Most businesses are already looking at ways to migrate from their existing PBX infrastructure to IP, and SIP Trunking could be the answer for many.

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What Is the Best Communications Solution for My Business?

Businesses large and small continue to evolve their communications infrastructure in an attempt to garner the greatest benefits from the latest technologies.

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