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DX Mission Is Clear, But Buy-In Varies

In a recent survey, IDG uncovered that IT skills are seen as a top 3 impediment to digital transformation. So how are companies achieving the need to go digital first?

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[Infographic]: Gaining Velocity for Digital Transformation

The mission of digital transformation is clear, but buy-in varies across the organization. Many companies are working with managed service providers to bring their networks up to speed and accelerate their digital journey.

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DX: You Can't Get There from Here without the Right Network

Flexible network infrastructure and high-speed connectivity rank even with cloud computing when it comes to what’s needed to accomplish digital transformation. So how are organizations making it all happen?

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Evolving IT's Skills Sets to Meet Transformation Challenges

An increased reliance on managed services is helping IT leaders to pursue digital transformation efforts. “Organizations want the benefits of software-defined network technologies, but many are nervous about how to implement them,” says Jody Hagemann, Director, Product Management & Strategy.

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Technology Foundation for Future Innovation: Healthcare

Like every industry, healthcare is evolving and today’s patients expect more from their providers. How can today’s healthcare organizations set up their technology to stay ahead?

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Future Technology Needs a Solid Foundation

Future technology needs a solid foundation to take advantage of the opportunities presented by digital transformation. Performance, flexibility, and affordability are key to a strong foundation.

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Technology Foundation for Future Innovation: QSR

Mobile ordering, pay ahead, and inventory control. The future of QSR requires a strong foundation of technology to seize future opportunity and growth in the space.

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Technology Foundation for Future Innovation: Financial Services

Digital transformation has changed the landscape of many industries, and financial services is no exception. This change requires a foundation of technology that is high performing, flexible, and affordable to seize new opportunities.

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Comcast Business Receives 2018 Customer Experience Innovation Award from CUSTOMER Maga...

My Account, Comcast Business's self-help portal, named a 2018 Customer Experience Innovation Award winner. The 2018 Customer Experience Innovation Award recognizes best-in-class companies setting the standard in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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Unified Communications: The Role of Broadband in the 5G Era

Fifth-generation cellular technology is slated for broader commercial deployment this year, raising many questions about its value vis-à-vis alternative high-speed broadband technologies.

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Security

More organizations are incorporating AI into cybersecurity strategies to better combat current and potential threats.

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Technology Standards Increase Brand Loyalty: Lessons for QSR and Hospitality Franchise...

Franchisees cannot deliver consistent customer experiences across their brands with antiquated or disparate network technologies.

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Building a Smarter Operation from the Ground Up

Smart digital operations blend information and operational technologies to strengthen business performance.

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Intelligence and Speed Drive 2019 Tech Trends

Technologies that enable optimal network performance, such as SD-WAN, edge computing and intelligent apps, will be in high demand in 2019.

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Digital Transformation 2.0: AI in Banking

The banking industry’s embrace of AI for customer service, customization, and improved operational efficiencies could lead to trillions of dollars in ROI.

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[Infographic]: The Office of the Future - Trends That Are Driving Change

Technology has reshaped the very nature of work, offering us options our parents never thought were possible. Read up on the two large tech trends reshaping the office of the future.

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[Infographic]: Building a Better Branch Office

Can you make the summary: Branch offices are becoming increasingly important as companies are seeking to provide a more customer-centric experience. Check out the tech trends that are improving customer experience across all locations.

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DT - Financial eBook

The IT Innovator’s Guide to Digital Transformation in Financial Services, 2018 Edition

Financial services organizations embrace new technologies including big data, AI and design-thinking tech to overcome competition and new industry hurdles.

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The IT Innovator’s Guide to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing, 2018 Edition

Data analytics, AI and IoT drive change and efficiencies in manufacturing as part of the supply chain’s digital transformation 2.0.

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Digital Transformation 2.0: The Next Phase for Healthcare

The healthcare sector is adopting a more holistic approach to patient care with a digital transformation embracing Analytics, AI, Mobile Health and more.

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The Next Wave of Technology in Financial Services

Financial services organizations stay competitive through a digital transformation 2.0 and embrace new technologies including AI, Blockchain and IoT.

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Digital Transformation 2.0 – New Technologies, New Opportunities

In the second iteration of digital transformation, organizations are building upon the foundation laid with their digital transformation 1.0 efforts to create even more opportunities and address new challenges.

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Digital Transformation 2.0: The Next Phase for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is embracing Big Data, IoT and AI to create efficiencies, uncover new opportunities and address evolving business challenges.

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The IT Innovator’s Guide to Digital Transformation in Health Care

The rising cost of healthcare is forcing providers to re-examine how they treat their patients, which has led to a movement focused on healthcare provider value over volume.

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