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Keeping Pace in Hospitality Means Delivering Technology that Makes Guests Feel at Home

To keep pace with consumer expectations and increase loyalty and revenue, the hospitality industry will need to offer a host of technology-enabled experiences, from high-quality in-room entertainment and guest service mobile apps to voice capabilities and personalization. Enabling these next generation hospitality experiences will require hotels to have the foundational technology in place, including wide-area connectivity, robust wireless service, back-office integration, and overall network security.

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SD-WAN Implementations Are Paying Off

Comcast Business SD-WAN gives you more visibility and control of all your locations through a single user interface, and predictable pricing with no capital expense as your needs change.

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Connecting the Digital Dots of the Hotel Customer Experience

An end-to-end network infrastructure and management tools let hotels provide memorable digital guest experiences and operate seamlessly and efficiently, today and tomorrow.

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Hospitality: The Many Dimensions of Connectivity

Connecting the digital dots in your hotel properties means having the right network, the fastest speeds and always-on connectivity to give your guests what they expect with no lags or limitations to their family back home, to their work, and whatever else matters to them. It also means you can do all of this while keeping your operations moving without any interruptions and with smart insights at a glance.

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Our Vision Reflected: Delivering Innovative Solutions for Businesses

The American Business Awards has bestowed seven awards on Comcast Business for the company's innovation and product solutions, including a Gold Award for the Most Innovative Company of the Year and awards for ActiveCore(sm) and Business VoiceEdge®.

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[Infographic] Using Unified Communications to Unite a Virtual Workforce

Telecommuting saves money for companies as well as employees - companies with remote employees save an average of $11,000 per year per employee. Communication, however, remains a challenge for remote workers. Unified Communications can help bridge that gap. Find out how.

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[Infographic] A Place in the Cloud

Cloud has become a core element in a majority of IT infrastructures - the average enterprise organization today uses five clouds. Seamless access to the cloud requires the right kind of network, and many companies are short on bandwidth. Can your network handle your cloud service needs?

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[Infographic] Security: A Vital Component of IT Infrastructure

By 2023, 33 billion records per year will be stolen by cybercriminals. Networks are being exposed to new risks and companies need to be prepared for new threats. Find out how you can build a 24/7 security strategy.

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SD-WAN Results Check All Desired Boxes

Survey results showed that 80% of IT decision makers indicated that SD-WAN is a clear improvement in both network management and network speed and performance.

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Research Shows Data Security, Performance, Drive SD-WAN Decisions

A survey found that 58% of IT decision makers put network speed and performance at the top of their priority lists, followed by data security and application performance.

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[Infographic]: Digital Transformation: Still Going Strong

From recent surveys, business and IT decision makers are reporting a mix of drivers and enablers of DX. For most, the focus is internal and cloud-driven.

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Report Finds Speed of SD-WAN Implementations Exceeds Expectations

More than 80% of survey respondents say their SD-WAN implementations went faster than they expected, paving the way to improved application performance and better control over WAN management.

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Transforming the Retail Experience: Building an Effective Network to Enable Next-Gen A...

Retail is undergoing a rapid evolution as stores introduce new technologies to make the shopping experience better and keep shoppers coming back. This evolution requires a network that is reliable, scalable and secure to maintain a competitive edge.

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[Infographic]: The Role of SDN in the Expanding Need for Edge Computing

Different industries are defining their edge networking use cases and opportunities differently. But what's common are the building blocks of an effective edge network foundation.

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[Infographic]: Gig Networking: A Game-Changer for Modern Business

Today’s businesses require speed and bandwidth to support their growing needs. Access to real-time data and file sharing is essential to satisfying customers and fueling employee productivity and that requires a fast, powerful network that can keep up.

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Debunking the Myth that Carriers Are Not SD-WAN Experts

With so many SD-WAN products and vendors in the market, misinformation is rampant. Getting to the facts will help your software-defined journey succeed.

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Comcast Charts the Way Forward for the Software Defined Services

Companies are undertaking digital transformations that are unprecedented in size and scope, underpinned by software-defined (SD) services including SD-WAN. Companies should select a software-based platform to deliver the software-defined services they need today and in the future.

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Technology Foundation for Future Innovation: Hospitality

Today’s hotel guests expect a connected experience from the time they check-in to the time that they leave. Digital transformation is changing the hotel industry and to reap the benefits of this evolution, hoteliers must have a network with a strong foundation that’s ready to support their needs.

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Technology Foundation for Future Innovation: Retail

Mobile apps, in-store WiFi, and eCommerce. Today’s retailers are going to market in new and exciting ways to meet shopper demands, and it all requires a strong network foundation built on performance, affordability, and scalability.

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[Infographic]: Edge Into the Future

For an increasing number of organizations, the path to the future awaits them at the edge. This explains why the edge market is set to double within five years. By 2023, it is expected to exceed $20 billion.

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Digital Transformation: Simplifying the Journey

Network flexibility and bandwidth are essential to successful digital transformation. A recent survey indicates that many enterprises are turning more to managed services to simplify the effort and supplement IT skills.

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DX Mission Is Clear, But Buy-In Varies

In a recent survey, IDG uncovered that IT skills are seen as a top 3 impediment to digital transformation. So how are companies achieving the need to go digital first?

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[Infographic]: Gaining Velocity for Digital Transformation

The mission of digital transformation is clear, but buy-in varies across the organization. Many companies are working with managed service providers to bring their networks up to speed and accelerate their digital journey.

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DX: You Can't Get There from Here without the Right Network

Flexible network infrastructure and high-speed connectivity rank even with cloud computing when it comes to what’s needed to accomplish digital transformation. So how are organizations making it all happen?

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