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Comcast Charts the Way Forward for the Software Defined Services

Companies are undertaking digital transformations that are unprecedented in size and scope, underpinned by software-defined (SD) services including SD-WAN. Companies should select a software-based platform to deliver the software-defined services they need today and in the future.

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[Infographic]: Edge Into the Future

For an increasing number of organizations, the path to the future awaits them at the edge. This explains why the edge market is set to double within five years. By 2023, it is expected to exceed $20 billion.

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Digital Transformation: Simplifying the Journey

Network flexibility and bandwidth are essential to successful digital transformation. A recent survey indicates that many enterprises are turning more to managed services to simplify the effort and supplement IT skills.

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DX Mission Is Clear, But Buy-In Varies

In a recent survey, IDG uncovered that IT skills are seen as a top 3 impediment to digital transformation. So how are companies achieving the need to go digital first?

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[Infographic]: Gaining Velocity for Digital Transformation

The mission of digital transformation is clear, but buy-in varies across the organization. Many companies are working with managed service providers to bring their networks up to speed and accelerate their digital journey.

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Evolving IT's Skills Sets to Meet Transformation Challenges

An increased reliance on managed services is helping IT leaders to pursue digital transformation efforts. “Organizations want the benefits of software-defined network technologies, but many are nervous about how to implement them,” says Jody Hagemann, Director, Product Management & Strategy.

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DX: You Can't Get There from Here without the Right Network

Flexible network infrastructure and high-speed connectivity rank even with cloud computing when it comes to what’s needed to accomplish digital transformation. So how are organizations making it all happen?

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Technology Foundation for Future Innovation: Healthcare

Like every industry, healthcare is evolving and today’s patients expect more from their providers. How can today’s healthcare organizations set up their technology to stay ahead?

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Technology Foundation for Future Innovation: Financial Services

Digital transformation has changed the landscape of many industries, and financial services is no exception. This change requires a foundation of technology that is high performing, flexible, and affordable to seize new opportunities.

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Future Technology Needs a Solid Foundation

Future technology needs a solid foundation to take advantage of the opportunities presented by digital transformation. Performance, flexibility, and affordability are key to a strong foundation.

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Technology Foundation for Future Innovation: QSR

Mobile ordering, pay ahead, and inventory control. The future of QSR requires a strong foundation of technology to seize future opportunity and growth in the space.

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Unified Communications: The Role of Broadband in the 5G Era

Fifth-generation cellular technology is slated for broader commercial deployment this year, raising many questions about its value vis-à-vis alternative high-speed broadband technologies.

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2019 Tech Trends for Retail

Retailers are turning to customer and store data to drive innovations and more personalized shopping.

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Digital Transformation 2.0 in The Next Phase in Retail

Retailers are using new technologies to improve the customer experience at every touch point and drive greater efficiencies and growth.

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Digital Transformation 2.0: The Next Phase for Education

The next phase of digital transformation in education promotes greater personalized learning and builds new school efficiencies.

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Digital Transformation 2.0: AI in Banking

The banking industry’s embrace of AI for customer service, customization, and improved operational efficiencies could lead to trillions of dollars in ROI.

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The Next Phase of Digital Transformation in Hospitality

Mobile, data and connectivity play a critical role in driving the next phase of technology innovations in hospitality, created to improve the customer stay.

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How IoT is Impacting Digital Transformation 2.0 in Education

The Internet of Things is transforming education, offering personalized learning to students and greater insights to teachers and administrators.

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The IT Innovator’s Guide to Digital Transformation 2.0 in Quick-Service Restaurants

Quick-service restaurants invest in technology to increase operational efficiencies and improve customer experiences, fueling more growth for the industry.

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Digital Transformation 2.0 in Retail

Retailers look to new technologies and mobile-first strategies to meet consumer demand for personalized, “buy anywhere, get anywhere” shopping.

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Digital Transformation 2.0 in Hospitality

Hospitality organizations embrace technology innovations to please digitally savvy guests, create personalized experiences and stay competitive.

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DT - Financial eBook

The IT Innovator’s Guide to Digital Transformation in Financial Services, 2018 Edition

Financial services organizations embrace new technologies including big data, AI and design-thinking tech to overcome competition and new industry hurdles.

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The IT Innovator’s Guide to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing, 2018 Edition

Data analytics, AI and IoT drive change and efficiencies in manufacturing as part of the supply chain’s digital transformation 2.0.

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Mobility’s Role in Hospitality Digital Transformation

The hospitality industry invests heavily in mobile apps, designed to improve the guest experience from check-in to check-out.

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